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What began out of personal necessity became a product loved by all who use it. 

Nine years ago, I was hit by a semi-truck while driving in the Greater Vancouver area and was left with permanent damage to my neck and back.  After years of physio, chiro, and massage therapy, I was still struggling just to get to sleep at night, even with major pain killers and muscle relaxers, so I started on a journey of discovery into the world of cannabis. 


With some trial and error, I eventually developed this recipe for cannabis lotion that seemed to work better than anything I had found.  Not long after, I was diagnosed with Lupus and discovered that my newfound miracle lotion worked wonders on my joints as well.  Before long, others became interested in getting their hands on some and so The Pot of Gold was born! 

My goal is to help as many people as I can to manage their acute & chronic pain better.  For me, this is not a job - it's a mission!  

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